Raw Report Your Virtual Sales Assistant

Your Virtual Sales Representative

Your website is a virtual sales representative that you employ who works 24 hours a day 365 days a year selling your business and building your brand.

You Pay your virtual sales representative, domain registration fees, hosting fees, various memberships, advertising fees, etc. So you would expect like any other employee to get a return on your investment.

Your virtual sales representative just like a real person needs all the right tools and information to sell your products or services effectively.

By answering these 10 questions you will be able to determine if your virtual sales representative can generate leads and/or sales for your website.

  1. At a quick glance is it clear what you are offering or selling?
  2. Are you bombarding your customers with too much information?
  3. Is your website visually attractive, enticing to the eye?
  4. Do you come across professional or amateurish?
  5. Is your branding clear and consistent?
  6. Can you find your Website?
  7. Do your visitors engage with you?
  8. Does your website flow?
  9. Do you know how many people are viewing your website?
  10. Would you buy from yourself?


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